There are genuinely inspiring and impressing companies and organisations out there. They stand up for something, they make a difference, and they shape our future.

It’s always good to see as small businesses outgrow themselves and emerge from the crowd. I respect them for what they do, essentially for not giving up, and using their knowledge to change the world. Thus here you will find a series of articles introducing some of them to you.

First of all, I am fairly certain you’ve heard of carbon footprint. We all did. Carbon has a dramatic impact on our environment, and inevitably the damage we are causing to this planet will be irreversible. There are tonnes of carbon footprint calculators on the internet, check it out, and allow yourself to be shocked for a moment or two.

Time for a change is a non-profit organisation in the US, meaning they are primarily fighting climate change, not profiting from it. On their website it says that their motto is:

“Reduce what you can, offset what you can’t.”

Ideally by now you’ve already thought of changing your habits. Maybe walking or cycling to work, eating less beef, supporting local farmers, or setting temperature control in your house. Ultimately you will realise there are certain things you cannot give up. So how else could you offset your carbon footprint? provides you with several options. I really like the idea that they are planting a tree for you for as little as $1! If you want to plant 20 trees, donate them $20. Simple as…

Furthermore, you can also choose to just simply donate some money to them, and they promise you, that they will use your money to invest into projects that will provide CO2  reductions in the future. They have a Platinum Rating for Financial Transparency, and guarantee that you will always get detailed information about where your money goes.

They have various projects in the renewable energy, forestry and energy efficiency sector, and they are all very promising.

Find more of their projects here

No doubt that if you visit their website you will find plenty of gripping information about their business, and how they fight against global warming.

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