Oceans are incredibly important. 2500 million years ago oxygen was merely a trace gas on Earth, and this planet was unable to support life. The atmosphere had high concentrations of carbon-dioxide and methane. Early life appeared in the oceans, such as the blue-green algae about 3000 million years ago (and it still flourishes in today’s world). This form of life is now able to photosynthesise, and therefore produce oxygen. This inevitably and slowly increased the oxygen levels in the atmosphere and ultimately created more complex life forms.

The presence of more oxygen allowed multicellular life forms to develop, and fungi, animals and plants appeared on Earth. Later on, about 550 million years ago marine animals with hard skeletal parts and shells appear (these are what we know today as fossils). After the first major mass extinction and ice age life finally emerged from the ocean. And that is how we colonised this planet. Essentially life has risen from the ocean. Destroying what gave us life will change everything, without a doubt.

The founders

Alex and Andrew took a surf trip to Bali, Indonesia. The tonnes of plastic they saw floating on the surface of the ocean made them think. They loved the ocean, but they didn’t know how could they help. How could they fund ocean cleanups? And that is how the 4 ocean bracelet was born.

The bracelet available in their webshop can be purchased for $20, and this is enough to remove 1 pound (0.45 kg) of trash from the ocean. In 2017 they set up their company, and since removed almost 4.5 million pounds of trash. According to their bio on their website they now have a network in several countries, and employ more than 150 people .

4 ocean is continuously improving its technology to be as effective as possible. They educate about plastic impact on our biodiversity, and advise corporations, and governments as well. Their bracelets are dedicated to different species every month, such as manatees, sharks, turtles, whales, even for sustainable fishing. Today it is not just bracelets you can buy, but reusable water bottles, and cleanup kits as well. Their product range slowly widens, however they didn’t lose themselves in all the success. It is still the single most important thing to protect sea creatures and their habitat.

Truly, as Alex and Andrew said in one of their YouTube video, this is not just a bracelet, and this is not just a company. It is a movement now. I own several bracelets today and I still believe I couldn’t have spend that $20 on anything more important. It not just gives you the feeling that you have helped to achieve something magnificent, but it sort of makes you feel that you belong somewhere. You belong to a brilliant community. Each and every one of them fights for something much greater than we could ever imagine. The founders, the captains, the cleaners, bracelet owners, and many more. We all work together in a way. Be the change!

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